We get paid when you win, se habla Espanol, we work around your schedule, weekend and evening appointments, we help get your car fixed, we help get your medical bills paid, we help you recover what you deserve.


We get paid when you win, se habla Espanol, we work around your schedule, weekend and evening appointments, we help get your car fixed, we help get your medical bills paid, we help you recover what you deserve.



The difference between Attorney Angelo F. Campano and other law firms is the personal attention given to every client and their case. Attorney Campano handles each case personally from start to finish. Unlike other law firms, Attorney Campano will not assign your case to someone who does not understand the needs of the client. From the beginning of the case and through trial, each client is personally represented by Attorney Campano.

No matter the size of the case, the time or difficulty involved, or the location, Attorney Campano’s energy and focus is on the client’s success. At 5:00 p.m. unlike other law firms, Campano Law Group does not close down for the evening. Attorney Campano understands that his clients cannot always make appointments between the typical 9 to 5 day. That’s why, as part of our difference, Attorney Campano makes every effort to work around his clients’ schedule. If you are working late, Attorney Campano has evening hours. If you can only meet at your home or on weekends, Attorney Campano will meet with you where it is easier for you to get the help you need.


Attorney Campano and Campano Law Group strongly believe in giving back to the community. No matter the time or effort involved, Attorney Campano and Campano Law Group have dedicated their resources to their clients and community. Here are a few examples of the community programs Campano Law Group has been involved in:



Law School Experience

Attorney Angelo F. Campano attended and graduated from Western New England College School of Law in Springfield, Massachusetts. He knew before law school that he wanted to practice litigation.

In law school, he competed in the nationally recognized Association of Trial Lawyers Competition held annually in Rhode Island.

Before and during law school, Attorney Campano gained priceless experience with the Lehigh County District Attorney, Baltimore Public Defender Office and the United States District Court in Baltimore, Maryland.

Courtroom Experience

Attorney Angelo F. Campano has been practicing law on both sides of the country since 1998. He was first licensed in Maryland, where he represented victims of accidents, people injured on the job, and those facing criminal charges. Almost immediately after passing the bar, in Maryland, Attorney Campano was in court fighting for the rights of his clients. He then brought his wealth of experience and training to California where he continued representing individuals and businesses in a variety of cases.

In addition to representing clients in auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and premise liability cases, his practice grew to include representing construction companies, general contractors, and subcontractors in construction disputes. In California, he worked for Bishop, Barry, Howe, Haney & Ryder, one of the oldest law firms in the San Francisco Bay Area.


On behalf of insurance companies he tried, mediated and arbitrated numerous cases with successful results for his clients who ranged from individuals to major corporations. In addition to litigating his own cases, Attorney Campano was asked to supervise and assist 4 other attorneys at his law firm with their own case loads so they too could provide the most dedicated service and abilities to their clients.

In 2008, Attorney Campano formed his own law firm, Campano Law Group, in Palmdale, California, where dedicates his law practice to being in the courtroom serving and protecting the needs of his clients. In his law firm, Attorney Campano specializes in personal injury and employment litigation.

Insurance Experience

With his insurance background experience, Attorney Campano offers what few other lawyers can offer to their clients. Having worked for insurance companies required that Attorney Campano learn and understand what insurance companies look for when deciding to settle or go to court on a case.

This experience becomes an asset for his clients who are now facing the very insurance companies that at one time hired Attorney Campano. Whether your case settles or not, and on favorable terms to you, will depend on the attorney you hire for your case. That’s why when it comes to experience in the courtroom and in negotiating with insurance companies, Attorney Campano has the experience that counts.


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