What to Do if you are injured in an Uber or Lyft Accident

Uber and Lyft are among the top cab companies globally. They offer rider services via a mobile app where customers submit their trip requests and it alerts the cab driver nearby. The customer can confirm and accept the response and further pay through the same app.

Both Uber and Lyft have become popular because of their competitive use of technology to connect riders and drivers. They also effectively serve several continents. There is one challenge though, even though their apps are map-intelligent and can navigate routes in a blink, they do not have clear instructions on what to do when an accident occurs.

In the same way, these apps compute the fare and facilitate payment, they should have an equally competitive response model in case an accident happens. We checked through their websites but we could not get clear instructions on what to do except filling the claim form. Let’s explore these two cab-hailing apps separately.

Injured in An Uber? Here is what to do

Even though the Uber app has claimed from where drivers can report a crash, some rogue ones refuse to do so. There are instances where Uber and Lyft drivers negotiate with the driver at fault and agree which may leave you distressed. Here is what to do when an accident happens:

1. Check that you, the driver, and anyone else at the scene is safe.

2. If the driver doesn’t contact the police, do so. Also, depending on the injuries, you may decide whether to call paramedics.

3. Remember to capture the driver’s details by screenshots on your phone. 

4. Report the accident to Uber claims support team.

5. Fill in an accident report at the nearest police station.

How To Receive Compensation From Uber

After you have reported the accident to Uber claims support team, they, in turn, report the crash to the insurance carrier providing coverage in your state in case you were injured. Their emergency (toll-free) numbers are available on the app although you are advised to 

wait for 24 hours for a response.

Injured in a Lyft? Here is what to do

As a passenger, you are covered by Lyft only when your ‘at-fault’ driver’s insurance has refused to pay. Receiving compensation from Lyft, however, is not that straightforward. 

In case of an accident, this is what to do.

1. Contact the police and the paramedics

2. Contact Lyft via their in-app Safety Center and report to their Claims Customer Care team.

How To Receive Compensation From Lyft

Before filing a claim with Lyft, the company requires you to file a claim with your insurance company. Lyft only receives your claims if your ‘at-fault’ insurance company has denied the claim.

You should contact a personal injury lawyer who understands how Lyft works. If you are injured or even hospitalized, your lawyer will support you in getting your compensation. Provide the following documents to them to successfully pursue a case and have an out-of-court settlement.

1.  screenshot of the Lyft application during the time you are taking the ride.

2. Both drivers’ full names and contact information, assuming it’s a collision.

3. Your driver’s license and motor vehicle insurance.

4. A copy of the police accident report.

It’s not advisable to sue Lyft as an individual as the process is tedious and nearly unyielding. The company considers its drivers as independent contractors, and so the responsibility for paying up rests with the driver. With that in mind, a personal injury lawyer will be better placed to follow up on your case.

In both companies, compensation depends highly on the severity of the accident. It makes a considerably long time to get a settlement thus the need for an injury lawyer.

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