Ways to Prevent Cycling Accidents

If a careless and negligent motorist injures a cyclist, the cyclist has a legal right to be compensated for the injuries he acquired. Injuries and damages are usually very painful, stressful, expensive, disabling, sometimes permanent, and fatal to a cyclist. Accidents have serious consequences for cyclists; it is, therefore, important to avoid and prevent accidents from occurring. Preventing accidents from happening also saves everyone from the expenses of compensation.

Some of the ways to prevent cycling accidents include:

Wear Cycling Gear and Equipment that Make You More Visible

One of the major ways to ensure your safety while riding a bike is by wearing reflective gear like vests, helmets, wrist guards, ankle gear, and shoes that have bright colors. Use reflective devices for bike tires, seats, and handlebars. By wearing the appropriate reflective gear, you become visible to drivers during any time of the day and night.

Lights are also a component of visibility used at night.  The law recommends a bright white flashing light on the front of the bike while a red flashing light is at the back. However, the lights can also be used during the day while riding because they increase the odds of being seen by drivers. Ensure you use lights while riding as a safety precaution. There are many other visibility products like bike flags and others.

Choose the Safest Lane Position

The second way of avoiding a crash is lane position.  Most roads have designated bike lanes for cyclists to use to cycle safely from their destinations. Cyclists are advised to use the lanes designated for them to prevent accidents.

In case the roads around your home do not have bike lanes, it is recommended that you ride your bicycle on the right side of the right lane. Motorists should know about the bike lanes and be aware of their position along their regular commutes. This knowledge may help the motorist greatly because it would reduce the chances of an accident in case a cyclist appears in front of them.

Use Hand Signals

The third way of preventing cycling accidents is by use of hand signals. Using hand signals is compulsory when riding in a group but needs to be done when riding alone or with a partner. A cyclist should be very demonstrative when riding and point to the position where one is going and let the driver know where you are heading. The most paramount thing is to be predictable, clear, and timely while signaling.

Never Assume Drivers See You

Many cyclists blunder in assuming that drivers see them when they are on their bikes. You should always ensure that the driver sees you and knows when and where to stop. If they are not slowing down, slow down as a kind of signal.

Use a Bicycle Mirror

Using a mirror on your bike is important in knowing what and who is coming at you from the rear. You don’t need to look at the mirror constantly, only frequently. A mirror also helps when a vehicle passes you suddenly on the left without a lot of space in between and may make you lose control of your bike.