Ways of Preventing Slip and Fall Injuries

Almost all of us have slipped and fallen at some point. The falls may have caused bruises or severe injuries to us. Loss of grip between the shoe and the walking surface or unintended contact with a fixed or moveable object causes slips and falls.

To prevent slips and fall accidents, we should follow the following ways;

Keep up with Routine Maintenance Needs

All properties or landscapes should be maintained since, with time, they tend to wear out, walkways settle and crack, weeds grow everywhere, and all these may lead to severe injuries. The children may keep falling due to the unwanted weeds, and correcting the structural deficiency may be vital.

Use Carpets and Grip materials on Slippery Surfaces

Carpets enable people to brush off their feet and remove debris, water, and mud from their feet. Grippers improve the traction on stairs and should be checked occasionally to prevent it from peeling or fraying.

Mark Handicap and Exits Clearly

Most people with disabilities find it challenging to use the main entrance and exit because they may fall, thus getting injured. It is therefore vital to make it aware to people with disabilities on the appropriate exit and entrance to use. The entry and exit should be marked well so that people can see them.

Wear Proper Shoes

People should be advised on the proper footwear to prevent people from slipping and falling, especially on slippery and wet floors. Right shoes increase comfort and prevent fatigue and therefore improving the safety of everyone.

Turn on the Light

Poor lighting in the workplace and at home may increase accidents since people may not be able to see their paths and obstacles to avoid on the paths. If switches, fixtures, and cords malfunction, they should be prepared immediately to prevent falls that may cause severe injuries.

Create Good Housekeeping Practices

Good housekeeping is crucial because it goes hand in hand with safety. Poor housekeeping habits lead to many accidents, whereas there are fewer accidents or injuries where good housekeeping habits are observed.

Secure Electrical Codes and Wires

Most places have got many codes and wires which may serve a different purpose from each other. These cords and cables may become dangerous, especially when caught up in chairs. A person may end up tripping and falling, thus causing severe injuries.

Avoid Putting Obstacles Where People Walk

Obstacles in aisles and walkways can make someone trip and fall, thus causing injuries. To avoid this, carefully evaluate the right places to put your items properly.

Be Vigilant of Changing Weather Conditions

Adjustments should be made according to the weather change, especially when it is too rainy. To avoid getting injured, it is vital to be vigilant with every weather condition.

Have a Program for Fall Prevention

Creating awareness on preventing slips and falls is vital so that everyone may know how to react to spills and falls. Each person should also be aware of the action to take when facing a fall or slip. You can prevent falls and slips in the future through diligent and accurate reporting and documentation.