Signs of Mistreatment at Work

Sadly, mistreatment is so common that most employees can’t spot it. And if they do, they are silent about it or dismiss it as something minor. Some people are so blinded by the wicked society we are living in that they can’t see anything unusual. 

Harassment should not be a common treatment to anyone, no matter who they are. Anything that happens and makes you feel unsafe is worth reporting. Here are some signs to watch out for.

Signs of Mistreatment at Work

“It’s sad when people don’t take responsibility for their actions. Some boys don’t know that cat-calling and unwanted touching isn’t right.” These are words from a sixteen years old girl who understood what harassment is. Here are a few signs that depict you are being harassed. 

You’re Underpaid

If you bring value to the company, you should be compensated fairly. If your salary is less than the industry standard, that’s a sign of disrespect. Find out how much your coworkers are paid. It is your right to be treated fairly at work, so look for the proper channels to get justice.

Intrusion on Your Privacy

Workmates and bosses should respect one’s privacy at the workplace. However, someone who hates you may start spreading rumors and spying on you. Some even snoop through your desk when you are out. You may find that your emails or social media pages are hacked. In most cases, these habits are just ammunition to hurt or use against you. Talk things out with your boss to enjoy your peace of mind.


Most seniors use intimidation to instill fear and control their targets. If your boss yells at you or doesn’t support your concerns, it’s a sign of mistreatment. Living in fear can lead to psychological trauma. You have a right to air your concerns and be listened to.

Isolation at Work

It’s a worker’s right to engage in social activities with the rest of the team. However, a boss may isolate you socially by leaving you out in company sporting events, meetings, or outings. Worse still, some bosses may schedule appointments on your off days to inconvenience you. If the habit continues, address the problem with the seniors.

You are Overworked

Although the workload may grow at times, it’s best to realize when you are overworked.  Some bosses may give you piles of extra work with no prior notice and additional payment. Such treatment aims to stress you and alter your work-life balance. This may be even worse if the harasser doesn’t want to hear your pleas. Loads of extra work is enough evidence that you are mistreated.

Safety Issues

It’s an employers’ responsibility to ensure the workers are healthy and safe at work. The feeling of insecurity at work is a sign of mistreatment. For instance, a boss may force a worker to lift heavy things or work without protective gear. This is a serious case that shouldn’t be tolerated. 

If you feel unsafe at the workplace, don’t risk your life, request protective gear, ask for help. Do not keep it a secret no matter the circumstances.


If someone is making unwelcome sexual advances, it means they do not respect you. Some employees encounter forms of disrespect such as physical, verbal, cyberbullying, or discriminatory harassment and stay quiet. 

Some harassers make remarks as jokes, but they are aiming at hurting you. If you become a subject of ridicule in the office, it’s a sign of disrespect that shouldn’t be tolerated. Defend your rights and stop the mistreatment.

No form of harassment is acceptable. By keeping quiet about it, you are also promoting it. you have a role to play in protecting yourself and others.

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