Myths About Filing a Lawsuit

Only a third of complaints escalate to lawsuits. The reason being, victims do not have the confidence that the legal system will handle their case satisfactorily. Additionally, there have been a few cases of legal abuse where an unfair judgment is made and justice is not served.

Apart from that, most citizens do not know much about the law and the processes involved in resolving a case. They, therefore, depend on unfounded myths. The truth is, any state’s legal system’s purpose is to allow its citizens to seek justice for wrongs done against them. 

Sadly, some of these myths underlying lawsuits can be an obstacle to obtaining justice. Here are myths surrounding the filing of litigation cases. 

Legal Costs are Unbearable

Normally, filing a lawsuit seems expensive when the complainant has to pay upfront fees to the attorney. However, it’s not a must to cater to the attorneys’ fees before completing the lawsuit. 

A lawsuit takes a while to close thus you can negotiate a payment plan with your lawyer. Most lawyers accept installments from their clients – especially the low-income earning citizens who may not be able to cater for the upfront fees. Some will even opt to receive the associated fees from the compensation earned. 

Physical Presence in Court is a must

Lawsuits unarguably take place in the courtroom or before a judge. But you do not have to go personally and sit for those long hours waiting for your turn. It may be overwhelming and time-consuming thus jeopardizing your work and other activities.

But anyone can opt to cut on such and seek representation from a lawyer. Choosing a lawyer for litigation representation saves you a lot of time and other inconveniences. 

There is an Oversupply of Lawyers 

According to the Legal Services Corporation report, there is a justice gap. Up to 86% of civil legal cases of low-income Americans receive no attention. There isn’t an oversupply of lawyers. The inadequate distribution of legal services to marginalized communities is daunting. 

This is worsened by several legal professionals who do not serve with integrity. The expected level of productivity in this sector is way below par. 

Lawsuit Privacy Infringement is Obvious

You have a right to privacy and if it concerns you that at any point your information is being exposed illegally. You need to complain. You shouldn’t let it just be. There have been instances of persons who have been injured physically hesitating to file a complaint. 

The complainant may worry that their privacy will be exposed in the lawsuit process. However, all involved parties need to engage in the litigation process, restricting them from exposing the complainant’s privacy. 

Legal abuse stems in the court thus cannot be resolved

Legal abuse can originate from any department of the legal system and it needs to be reported and treated for what it is – abuse. Any improper, unfair treatment needs to be addressed.

Entrepreneurs Could Hurt from Lawsuits 

Lawsuits filed against small businesses could seem to hurt the entrepreneur, unlike litigation to a faceless corporation. However, entrepreneurs can be protected from such exposure. Besides, small businesses ought to be insured of any claims that may face them. Thus, any potential claims facing an entrepreneur are likely to be handled by an insurance company. 

Finally, it is true, filing a lawsuit is not an easy task, but it’s worth it when the damages are severe. Costs associated with the hiring of the attorneys vary depending on the complexity of the case. However, you don’t have to rely on hearsays in making lawsuit decisions. Opt for attorney guidance and deliberate on the complexity of the lawsuit. 

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