Liability for Dangerous Premises

You must be wondering how a premise can be dangerous or what a dangerous premise is. A dangerous premise is any property that has not been appropriately maintained. It is deemed unsafe because it is not compliant with building and safety codes.

Sometimes, the building owner may not know that his building is unsafe. In other cases, the premises owner is fully aware of their buildings being unsafe for people to reside in. The owner is therefore liable for any injuries or deaths on the property.

There are situations where it may be hard to prove the person who is at fault. For instance, in a premise liability case on a commercial property, it may prove challenging to get someone accountable for the damages or injuries incurred on a person. In such situations, you must look for a lawyer experienced in premises liability so that they may advise you further on your situation. Commercial property cases may involve many people working or living on the premises. It could be the property managers, employees, or even the owners, who may be held accountable for negligence, depending on their specific job responsibilities.

Have you ever speculated that a person could be liable for inviting someone to their premises? Other premise liability cases may prove to be more complicated and challenging for the parties involved. For instance, when a person gets injured at a friend or acquaintance’s house, who will take the fault, the owner or the visitor? Well, the same laws apply to these cases. Such scenarios may be challenging for both parties and may end up straining the friendship that was there initially. However, it is best to consult a premise liability lawyer to ensure your rights are fully protected. Regardless, premise liability cases have always been difficult to prosecute.

Knowing all this information may make you more cautious before allowing anyone into your premises. You also must be wondering whether there are some precautions that one should take if children are entering their premises. Well, the owner of the premises should be very cautious when children enter the premises and protect them from any harm, even the ones that seem harmless to adults but scary to children. This is because children and adults react differently to different situations and things. Children, therefore, require more protection and need to feel safe on your premises.

On houses given on rent, the one who will be held accountable for the damages caused to the people invited to the premises is the tenant. The landlord is also accountable for the common areas shared by the tenants like the corridors, stairways, hallways, compound, and others. If the landlord was made aware of any defects and did not follow up to have the defects fixed, and the defects end up being harmful to their tenants, they will be liable for the damages. However, not unless the landlord and the tenant had agreed in writing to undertake repairs on the building when necessary, the landlord may not be responsible for repairs in the building. If it was agreed, then they may be responsible for any injuries caused due to negligence of repair.