How to Recover from A Car Accident

The good news is that you survived and you can only get better. The only frustrating thing about getting involved in a car accident is that it happens so fast yet the healing is slow and boring. From the onset, you need to be patient. Even if there are no physical injuries, recovering from the trauma takes a while.

Immediately after the accident, seek medical help. Even in instances where there are no visible injuries, the medics will examine you to detect if there any hidden injuries. Delayed treatment of internal injuries can be life-threatening or turn out to be fatal. Quick treatment saves you from the adverse effects of the accident.

As you go through treatment, allow your body to recover at its own pace. Maintain a positive attitude and be supportive towards those attending to you. Here are a few steps you can take to speed up your recovery.

Head and brain injury recovery

The head and brain injuries usually occur after hitting the windshield, roof, and other objects often resulting in concussions. Symptoms may not show instantly but you are likely to suffer dizzy spells, headache, and neck pains.

If there are no internal injuries, pain relief medication will be administered and you will need to rest. Do not engage in physical activities until advised to. Also, avoid any task that demands concentration even if you are not mobile. Rest applies for both mild and severe injuries. The more you rest, the faster the recuperation.

Facial injury recovery

Minor (Shallow) cuts need to be cleaned keenly, stitched, and bandaged to close the open wounds. Severe injuries such as broken bones and deep cuts may require surgery. Lost teeth may also be replaced following the doctor’s advice.

During the recovery, avoid the temptation to touch your face, especially the wound. Apply a little oil to ease the itch around the wound. Most importantly, increase your protein intake to fasten the healing process

Spine, Back, Neck, Collarbone, Rib, and Other Injuries Recovery

Most neck injuries result from the side or rear impact during a car accident. Collarbone and rib injuries could result from the body’s weight against the seatbelt during the crash. Minor injuries can be treated with an over-the-counter prescription, while severe cases need surgery.

All these injuries require specialized care and may therefore require orthopedic treatment. Recovering from neck injuries like whiplash will take several weeks. However, full recovery after surgery can take months, depending on the procedure in the specific area. Similarly, collarbone and rib injury might take six to 16 weeks, depending on the injury.

Mental Recovery

The journey of mental recovery begins from the time you forgive yourself for anything you think you did wrong. If you can make peace with yourself, the flashbacks will be less painful. Accept that the accident happened and allow yourself to release the anxiety.

Surround yourself with family and friends who are ready to listen. This helps a great deal in the recovery process. They will also motivate you to take your medication and help you keep abreast with your appointments. 

This is a time to express your emotions freely, letting go of any regrets you may have. Emotional recovery from the after-effects of a car accident might take long. Give yourself ample time to recover. If need be, get professional help to prevent you from sinking into depression of PSTD.

As earlier mentioned, the healing process may be long and disheartening but you have a role to play in the healing process. This includes:

  • Staying hydrated
  • Eating nutrient-rich foods
  • Having proper rest
  • Exercising as advised
  • Honoring your appointments
  • Taking medicine as prescribed, and 
  • Maintaining a positive attitude

Finally, be keen on body ques. New pains, fatigue, nausea, insomnia, and dizziness may be a sign that you need to be checked. 

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