Car Accident Injuries And Compensation

How serious are car accident injuries?

Car accidents are among the leading causes of injuries. In 2012, the United States recorded over 5.6 million car accidents, 30,000 of these accidents were fatal. Although the injuries involved vary from crash to crash or person to person, there are some common car accident injuries. These injuries include; head and back injuries, neck, and chest injuries. Most car accidents are characterized by head injuries that occur during high-speed collisions. The head injuries lead to traumatic brain injuries resulting in lasting cognitive problems and comas. The degree of severity of these injuries requires extensive and long-term medical intervention. The damage of the spinal cord and other back problems are also common in car accidents. The damaged spinal cord could result in critical nerve damage. This could leave the patient with a reduced sensation of the lower part of their body and paralysis in severe cases. Whiplash is another common car accident injury. An abrupt sudden movement of neck and head could cause serious damage to neck muscle and ligament. The neck injury could lead to vocal cord paralysis. The injuries sustained require immediate medical attention.

What injury can you get after a car accident?

Other car accidents include damaged ligaments, broken bones, and severed limbs. Apart from physical injuries experienced in an event of a car accident, most victims of car accidents also suffer from emotional distress. One of the main sources of emotional distress is when a victim undergoes a life-changing event such as paralysis or amputation. The victim must adapt to a new way of life contrary to their life. The survivors of an accident might become distressed as they try to leave with guilt in an event of losing their friends and family in a fatal accident. Therefore, such car accident victims will require counseling and treatment.

What happens after the car accident claim settlement?   

Most car accident cases are settled through negotiations that transpire between the insurance companies and the injured party. It is critical to note that only a tiny percentage of the cases related to car accidents proceed to court for trial. Once a car has been involved in an accident, the first step involves reporting the car accident to the local police department. Most states stipulate that the driver must always carry their car insurance. The car accident liability operates on two systems: At-fault system and No-fault system. According to the At-fault system, the person at fault is responsible for the resultant damage. On the other hand, the no-fault system compensates for the underlying economic damage regardless of the person who caused the accident. When filing for a car accident settlement, the complainant must gather all important information to support their claim. This is followed by drafting a demand letter to the insurance company. Once the insurance company makes substantiates your claim then you will receive the settlement for the car accident.

What are some accident injury claims?       

Some of the most popular accident injury claims include the $4.9 billion settlement by the general motors to the Anderson family. A family of six driving a Chevy Malibu was hit by a drunk driver. In 1996, Mazda Motor Corp and Ford Motor Co. awarded Mark Force a sum of $32.5 million for an injury caused by malfunctioning seatbelt.

What is the average car accident settlement time?

The average time taken to process a car accident settlement depends on your injuries, your type of treatment, and the length of the treatment.

Can you sue for suffering from pain after a car accident?

Yes. Most car accident cases are settlement for the pain incurred after an individual was involved in a car accident.