DSCN0292What we offer our clients

Attorney Angelo F. Campano and the Campano Law Group are dedicated to protecting the rights of those injured by someone else and those mistreated at work. Attorney Angelo F. Campano uses his 15 year’s experience practicing law on both sides of the country to get the compensation his clients deserve. Campano Law Group provides the personal attention each case deserves, representing clients throughout the state of California. Call us today at 661-945-5300 for your FREE consultation or email us at info@campanolaw.com.


How we are Different from Other Law Firms

Some of the BENEFITS of hiring Campano Law Group to represent you include:

  • We are not paid until you win;
  • You are represented by an attorney, not anyone else;
  • You do not pay for meeting with the attorney; all consultations are free;
  • We negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf;
  • We advance costs for your case;
  • We have evening and weekend appointments; we work around your schedule;
  • We arrange meetings at your home;
  • We help with your car repairs;
  • We help with towing of your car;
  • We help with your rental car;
  • We help you recover your wages missed from work;
  • We help with your medical treatment and bills;
  • we appear in court for you;

Some of the SUCCESSES we achieved for our clients:

1.                Driver of car in auto accident injured in intersection accident- $750,000

2.                Pedestrian injured in accident-$500,000

3.                Driver of car in freeway accident (wife had a loss of consortium)-$440,000

4.                Pedestrian injured when struck by driver - $250,000

5.                 Driver of automobile injured in car accident - $250,000

6.                 Employee victim of harassment and retaliation-$230,000

7.                 Passenger injured in taxi cab - $225,000

8.                 Driver of automobile injured in car accident - $200,000

9.                 Passenger injured in taxi cab - $170,000

10.                Employee victim of harassment and retaliation-$150,000

11.                Driver of car in auto accident injured on freeway- $100,000

12.                Driver of automobile injured in rear end auto accident - $100,000

13.                 Driver of automobile injured in rear end auto accident - $100,000

14.                Driver of automobile injured in auto accident - $100,000

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    What we Practice

    What to Bring to Your First Meeting

    • Personal Injury Cases
    1. police report (or police report number)
    2. any photographs about the accident or your injuries
    3. your car insurance information
    4. information about the other driver
    5. medical bills/paperwork
    6. your health insurance information
    7. information about any potential witnesses
    8. any information about the accident
    • Employment Cases
    1. a copy of your most recent paycheck
    2. any employee manuals or handbooks
    3. names of any potential witnesses
    4. copies of anything you signed or asked to sign
    5. any information about your employment
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